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Embracing Diversity: A Personal Reflection on Pride Month and Juneteenth

It is June. A month a lot of people look forward to for bringing in summer. It means more sunshine. More fun. more freedom.

It’s also a month that celebrates Pride Month and Juneteenth.

As a white, religious woman in Utah, it surprises a lot of people that I feel passionate about both.

You see, I wasn’t raised in Utah.

I was a military brat who was raised moving every two to four years, which gave me the gift of being raised around different cultures and different communities and being exposed to different thought systems and beliefs around the country.

My formative years were largely spent attending inner-city schools where discussions about religious, political, and social differences were a daily occurrence. These conversations ranged from passionate and intense to downright humorous, but they were always a part of life—not something to shy away from or feel embarrassed about.

And I learned about white privilege and know that poverty and privilege are two different things, as I’ve experienced the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Having gay family members has further opened my eyes to the nuances of straight privilege. They've shared their experiences with microaggressions—those subtle, often unintentional, discriminatory comments or actions that can be as harmful as overt discrimination. Understanding these microaggressions has deepened my empathy and commitment to advocating for inclusivity.

Growing up in an environment filled with religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity allowed me to see life through a broader lens. Meeting and learning from people who looked different from me, who were raised differently, and who believed differently, opened my eyes to the richness of our human experiences and ignited my my true passion.

Many people assume that, as a Certified Personal Stylist, my passion lies in fashion. However, as I often say, I’m not your average stylist. My true passion is people. Fashion is merely a tool I use to help individuals gain awareness of who they are their core and use clothing as a tool to express themselves authentically.

You see, fashion is about what we wear. It’s a way to powerfully communicate those unique differences that give us our “IT” factor—our unique spark that sets us apart from the crowd. And that's the power of style.

Style is about who we are and how we communicate that to the world, and it's important that all of us are allowed the freedom and safety to be who we are--fully and authentically--so we can bring the best of who we are to life.

So, for me, diversity isn’t a buzzword; it's a beautiful and essential part of our life experience. Having open and honest discussions with others who are different from me—both in my youth and throughout my professional career—has helped me understand and appreciate the breadth and beauty of humanity, and in turn, learn more about myself.


Celebrating Pride Month and Juneteenth reminds us of the ongoing struggle for equality and the importance of acknowledging and appreciating our diverse experiences. It's about opening our eyes and hearts to the complexity and diversity of human life.

By engaging in honest and open conversations with others, we can move towards a more inclusive and empathetic society, where everyone feels valued and understood.

So let's embrace the spirit of June—not just for its sunshine and freedom, but for the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the beauty in our diversity.

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