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A Note About the Prince . . .

A lot of modern Cinderellas want to update their style so they can attract their prince and live happily ever after. Now, I’m not going to knock princes. They’re great, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to find a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

The goal isn’t the problem in this scenario, it’s the path a lot of women take to try to get there.

As a personal stylist, and your real life fairy godmother, I’ll tell you a little secret: it wasn’t the clothes that landed Cinderella her prince. It wasn’t her fairy godmother either. Fairy godmothers aren’t matchmakers.

Cinderella’s true magic wasn’t found with the wave of a wand. It was her kindness, resilience, and her genuine nature. Sure. The fairy godmother got her ready for the ball, but it was Cinderella’s authenticity that captured the prince’s heart.

On top of that, let’s point out that the prince wasn’t a knight in shining armor who rode in on his horse and swept Cinderella off to her castle. He sent his servant to look for the mysterious girl who captured his heard and disappeared. And when Cindy was trapped by her stepmother, the fairy godmother never showed up to save her either.

It was Cinderella’s determination to be done living under someone else’s control, the realization she had that she was meant for more than the life she was living, and a certain tendre for a royal hottie that gave her the courage and motivate to change her own destiny.

The truth is that staying true to yourself and finding the courage to do YOU—fully and authentically is the real key to unlocking your happily ever after.

Clothes are just the icing on the cake.

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