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Finding Purpose in Pain

So, I've been pondering a lot about pain lately. I've recently been invited to contribute to a chapter on a book discussing the purpose of pain, and I recently did a guest podcast (you can watch it on YouTube: or listen to it on Spotify: : where I was asked to share my story overcoming adversity.

Living with chronic illness, navigating solo mom life, and rebuilding my life after divorce and the loss of a 16 year career, people often ask me, "How do you do it?" In fact, one of my #TEDxWoodinville speakers even described my life as a bit of a **** show. I'm always a little thrown off my these responses because, well, that's my everyday life. Every day I wake up in pain, help my kids navigate the growing pains of life, and pivot around the pains and challenges of building a business in the midst of economic challenges and constant life changes.

Everyday, I manage more than I can handle, juggling daily pain, stressors, and a symphony of chaos. It could be easy to get lost in self-pity or endlessly asking, "Why me?" The truth is, even if I had a foolproof answer (which I don't), what purpose would it serve? The secret I've found to navigating the pain of life is to take control of the only thing that's within my control: finding purpose in my pain. While a lot of people look to others to define that for them, what I've found is that no one else can define the purpose of my pain; that's on me. While I can't control the outside world or the painful experiences that come my way, I am 100% in control of what I choose to do with it.

Pain has been an uninvited guest in my life, overstaying its welcome in my day-to-day existence. But I choose what purpose my pain will serve. For me, pain makes me more human. It opens my heart and gives me experience and understanding that I use to inspire, lift and motivate others. Someone recently made this comment on one of my LinkedIn posts: "Kimberly Parry you are a true advocate of others, elevating people at every turn. Well Done!" That's what I choose to do with my pain.

Whether I'm speaking, running a group coaching program, or doing 1-on-1 personal styling, that's what I do. I inspire. I lift. I encourage. I advocate. In elevating others, I elevate and bring purpose to my pain.

So, If you're grappling with physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual pain, know this – I see you, I feel you. If you're in the midst of your own storm, remember, you're not alone. Life might throw us curveballs that seem more like wrecking balls, but we have the incredible ability to decide how we catch and throw them back.

You've got this. Own your pain, and let it become the driving force behind a purpose uniquely yours. The power to decide how to do that is yours. . . .

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