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Introducing Your Real Life Fairy Godmother

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Have you ever wished you had a fairy godmother?

Well, I am one. As a Certified Master Professional Coach and Certified Virtual Personal Stylist, I’m like a real life fairy godmother who helps every day women–modern Cinderellas–transform their lives.

But before you get too excited, we need to debunk some fairy godmother myths. Today I’ll address the top three:

1. Fairy Godmothers Don’t Do Windows

When you wished for a fairy godmother, if you were wanting someone to do your

laundry or take care of your kids, you were thinking of the wrong person. That’s a maid.

And think about it–in any retelling of Cinderella you’ve read or seen, did the fairy

godmother ever lift a finger or wave her wand to do chores?


In fact, she usually shows up after Cinderella has done all of the work she had to do. It’s when she’s tired, burned out, and has no umph left to get to the ball that Cinderella falls in heap and the fairy godmother arrives on the scene.

Bottom line: Fairy godmothers don’t do windows.

2. Fairy Godmothers Aren’t Matchmakers

Let’s bust the second big myth a lot of women have about fairy godmothers, and that involves the prince. Some women wish for a fairy godmother who will help them find the man of their dreams or make him fall in love with her. Again, if that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Think about it. In every version of the story, the fairy godmother never interacts with the prince. She’s not there for him. She doesn’t give Cinderella a love potion or cast a spell over the prince. And, if the prince only falls in love with Cinderella’s gown (which is one of the places where the fairy godmother works her magic), then it’s not really love . . . is it?

Bottom line: A fairy godmother isn’t a matchmaker–at least not in the traditional sense. She’s not there to help Cinderella find anyone but herself. The only matchmaking the fairy godmother does is to help Cinderella find her inner soul mate and to see the potential in herself.

While there are other fairy godmother myths we can bust–and we likely will at some point in this blog, let’s bust the final fairy godmother myth of the day, which is this. . . .

3. Fairy Godmothers Aren’t Rescuers

The biggest misconception women have when they talk about wanting a fairy godmother is if they think a fairy godmother will show up on the scene, magically make everything better, and rescue Cinderella from a boring, monotonous life.

While that would be great, in a sense, it simply isn’t what a fairy godmother does. Again. Think about it.

In most Cinderella retellings, the fairy godmother only shows up once. When Cinderella is feeling lost and hopeless and needs a little guidance. She doesn’t whisk Cinderella away or make all of her problems disappear. All she does is give Cinderella ONE NIGHT.

She doesn’t create anything new or make anything magically appear. She takes the natural resources Cinderella already had available to her, temporarily transforms them so Cinderella can catch a vision of their potential, and then leaves Cindy to it.

Cinderella goes to the ball, feels like a princess, and realizes that is her desired destiny. All she gets is a few hours to catch a vision of her true potential and then, bam. Pumpkin time. Cinderella is left in the same place she started–nothing new (except a glass slipper–because, hey–what woman’s life can’t be transformed with the right footwear) except a vision of her potential and unflinching determination to get there.

And from there, Cinderella saves herself.

As a real life fairy godmother, that’s what I do–I help everyday women recognize take their raw gifts, talents, and beauty, recognize and catch a vision of their true potential, and find the confidence, courage, and passion to design the signature lives they were meant to live.

That’s real magic.

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