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When Cindy Does Her Soul Work . . .

Today, Your "Real Life" Fairy Godmother is going to break down some things about work.

When some women talk about fairy godmothers, they say they want someone who will do their chores, get things done, and make their lives easier. But check the story. Fairy godmothers don't do windows. And, as I've said before, they don't really rescue Cinderella from anything boring or mundane.

In most versions of the tale, Cinderella doesn't really complain much about the work. It never really says she loves it either. But she goes through the day, getting the job done because, without questioning things much, she accepts it as part of her reality. Wake up, get things done, rinse, wash, repeat.

Until the day she hears about the ball.

With that little bee in her bonnet, everything changes. Suddenly, her routine life didn't cut it anymore.

She gets a soul itch. And once you get one of those, it won't leave you alone until you scratch it.

And there are lots of modern day Cindy's who know what I'm talking about. . . .

In the hustle and bustle of our modern-day routines, it's easy to do the daily grind without much thought. We go through the motions, working tirelessly to meet our responsibilities. Yet, just like Cinderella, when that soul itch kicks in, it's a call to step into our full potential.

When that soul itch starts bugging you, don't dismiss it. It's your cue to break free from the ordinary. Cinderella didn't sit around; she took action. And if you need a little guidance or support in catching that vision and transforming your life, your real life fairy godmother's got your back. . . .

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