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Regardless of where you are in your transformation journey, we're here to help you on your path! We provide a variety of services to meet the varied needs of our clients, and we want you to find the avenue that's right for you.

Online Socializing

Our online courses are designed with our busy clients in mind. We know that you have multiple demands on your time and attention, and our online courses allow you to work through principles of transformational empowerment at your own pace and on your own time.

We are currently moving our online courses to a new learning platform. Stay informed as our new courses roll out by signing up for our newsletter!


We're putting the PERSONAL back into personal styling!


Combining archetypal life coaching with personal styling, our Authentic Life Styling Package offers clients a unique mind-body-spirit transformational experience. Clients gain a better understanding of their core personality, a better appreciation for their body, and a renewal of their spirit as they find their unique, authentic personal style and use clothing to find their voice. For more information about this unique, transformative experience, contact us today!

Archetypal Coaching

Archetypal Coaching helps clients identify the "characters" that make up their unique core personality so they can better understand how and why they engage with the world as they do. Based on the work of Carolyn Myss, and as a Certified Archetypal Consultant, I help clients deepen and broaden their understanding of who they are so they can make more conscious, intentional choices in life.

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Let's talk about the Power of People--because that's what I do! With over 20 years of teaching and public speaking experience, I'm passionate about helping others discover their authentic power and live more abundant, successful lives.


 If you would like more information about having me come speak to your group or organization on principles of authentic empowerment or influential leadership, contact us today!

Professional Speaking

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