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Signature Soul Styling Experience


Authentic Alignment Coach and Life Stylist

At Emergence Life Coaching, we're putting the personal back into personal styling.

This custom-tailored styling experience isn't about fashion or fashion advice. Fashion is about clothing--how it's made, how it looks and how it fits.

Style is about YOU: it's about knowing who you are and how you bring your unique voice to the world. Clothing is just one way to do that. In this unique, transformational experience, you'll reconnect with your core identity, regain appreciation for your unique, custom-tailored body, and reclaim your voice as you develop your own, signature style. 

Fashion Show

My Story

My unlikely path to becoming a personal stylist didn't come because I was passionate about clothes. It came because I was passionate about people. 

Ironically, what led me to styling was authentic alignment coaching and my programs designed to help people get past body-level identification and get in touch with who they really are at a soul level. After my life blew up after years of trying to live up to other people's definitions, expectations, and opinions, I became passionate about helping others come to truly know themselves, trust themselves, and love themselves.

But what I found was that, as my clients started reconnecting with their core identity and tapping into their authentic power, they realized that their external world didn't match who they really are. They felt like they'd been trying to fit into other people's rules or expectations rather than really designing an authentic life. And this didn't just apply to clothing. 

One day, one of my college roommates who'd worked through my Unlock Your IT Factor coaching program and had done some archetypal coaching with me said, "Kim. We need to go play dress up like we did in college. I need to look like ME."


So we planned a shopping trip and, like I had in college, put her in a dressing room while I grabbed clothes for her to try on. As I gave feedback on how different clothing worked with her shape or how they matched some of her archetypal patterns (the different characters that make up her personality), other women started coming out of their dressing rooms asking for advice.


As the weeks went on, we talked about life styling and how she could bring her authentic self to other aspects of her life as well. And people started to notice. They noticed that she looked different. And people started asking about her fashion--what changed and how could they get it?


What these women thought they wanted was a fashion update. But what they were really attracted to wasn't my roommates clothes or her fashion style--they were attracted to HER: to her confidence, to her authenticity, and to the fact that her outside matched her beautiful, unique, one-of-a-kind personality.  

One day, a few months later, she said, "You know. I don't know what it is. I've done coaching and other things, but for some reason, this experience connected it all."

As much as I've taught clients to look past their bodies and get to the core of who they are, what I found is that clothing is a powerful tool that helps people do just that--in a powerful way. When clients learn to style their lives from the inside out, they find ways to bring their authentic, soul-signature to every aspect of their lives and to style their LIVES authentically.

So, the jock-turned feminist-turned religion teacher-turned life coach got certified as a personal stylist to help bring this transformational experience to the world. In this program, I combine my experience as a Certified Master Professional Coach, a Certified Archetypal Consultant, and Certified Virtual Personal stylist to help individuals RECONNECT with who they are at a soul level, REFRAME the way they view their bodies, and RECLAIM their authentic voice as they refresh and develop an authentic, signature style.

What You'll Get in this custom-tailored
Authentic Life Styling Experience:

If you are interested in seeing if our Authentic Life Styling Experience is right for you, contact us using this form: 

What Our Clients are Saying:

"This changed so much for me. I bawled the day you told me I had feminine curves. I don’t think I’d ever been told that before and I certainly didn’t see myself that way. . . . It was like I finally had permission to enjoy dressing myself and even being myself. I am still working on seeing  and loving my body as it is but I have come so far from our work together." LK
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