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Unmask Yourself This Halloween

With Halloween upon us, my kids were eagerly planning their costumes, excited to be anything they dream of for the day. I mean, costumes are fun, right?

Not when you’re an adult and your entire life has started feeling like a costume party. Many high-achieving adults spend their days wearing masks trying to look like we’ve got it all together, when we secretly feel burned out trying to fit into roles and meet expectations that simply don’t match who we really are. When that happens, life starts feeling like a hamster wheel that keeps us running at full steam but not really getting anywhere. The result? Exhaustion, frustration, and even situational depression.

I recently had a discussion on The Room podcast with Jenny DuFresne, about how female leaders are especially prone to burnout as they try to fit into masculine models of leadership and try to be everything to everyone. However, it's not a condition that's limited to CEO's. Many of us, regardless of our life circumstances, are feeling more and more depleted as we chase perfectionistic standards and lose sight of who we are in the process.

If that sounds like you, here’s the truth: it’s time to take off the masks, stop trying to wear all the hats . You don’t need to be anything other than who you really are. Coming to believe that—and live that—is true freedom. And another truth? The more you live authentically and simply do you more fully, the greater success, peace, and freedom you'll enjoy.

Authenticity is magnetic, and when you embrace it, you'll inspire and uplift not only yourself but those around you.

So, let’s make this Halloween a day of lasting transformation. Instead of disguising who you really are, it's time to step out of the costume party and to discover your signature soul style--one you can wear every day and in any situation. (And, with a real life fairy godmother by your side, you can have a ball doing it!)

That’s a real treat. (No sugar rush).


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